Visit to Waverley Care

Visit to Waverley Care

Written by Pamela

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Recently in my capacity as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS I visited the Waverley Care Centre in Edinburgh
Waverley Care provides care and support to people living with HIV and AIDS across Scotland, with outreach services to vulnerable groups, offering peer support and guidance and a buddying scheme for people who are newly diagnosed with HIV and have anxieties about how they will cope with the illness. 

As the HIV virus has adapted, so have the services of Waverley Care  with staff now supporting their clients to manage their treatment and live with what is now a long term condition. 

They also do a lot of work with asylum seekers living with HIV, a group who are often doubly stigmatised due to their immigration status and their HIV status. 
Charitable organisations like Waverley Care have been at the forefront of the response to HIV and AIDS since the virus was first discovered in the 1980s, and it is essential that their work continues., and it is essential that their work continues.

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  1. R. Flint says:

    For the second time my comments regarding Waverley Care has been removed. A bit like my Milestone House client file being destroyed when I challenged the vast and unaccountable public expenditure Waverley Care has torn through over the years to keep a failing Milestone House afloat. Waverley Care describes has largely de-prioritised a key user group – gay men – none I know will have anything to do with them. Nice. Waverley Care actively exagerrates HIV stigma as a marketing tool to raise funds whilst singularly failing to address key issues within the sector. In my view it is patrician, blinkered and self-serving. Not attractive qualities in a charity.